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Original Admin UI proposal:

Updated branch on Github:

In general:

  • Commits should be broken up into a series of patches -- 1 for each incremental improvement or feature (e.g. autocomplete, selector inlines, etc).
  • All the JS for the admin should be minified, but we need to ship maximized versions too, for ease of editing, and then have a build process do the minification.
    • Note: This may be better saved for last.
  • Updating the old Javascript to use jQuery is an end goal, but not one required to get admin-ui merged.
  • Document where js libs come from for ease of checking on new versions and finding full source.

Suggested individual patches.

  1. An OrderField as suggested here:
  2. Add django.forms.formset.empty_form method.
  3. Admin Inline updates, including
    • Dynamically add new inline on page
    • Drag and drop inline re-ordering if order_field provided on ModelAdmin class.
  4. Selector Inlines
  5. ForeignKey autocomplete
  6. ManyToMany autocomplete

Summary of commits on the soc2009/admin-ui branch:

  1. jQuery itself.
  2. Stacked Inline add new inline dynamically.
  3. Selector Inlines (based on Wilson Miner's mockup
  4. Tabular Inline ordering. Given an order_field on the TabularInline admin object.
  5. models.fields.OrderField added, subclass of IntegerField with default=0.
  6. django.forms.formsets grew a empty_form method with prefix set to __prefix__ which Javascript replaces with a value when dynamically adding new inlines.
  7. ForeignKeySearchInput widget, which does autocompletion on Foreign key fields.
  8. ManyToManySearchInput, autocompletion for m2m fields.

Possibly related tickets:

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