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What is this all about?

To understand what is activity based workflow take a look at:

When should I use PushApplication and when should I use Roles in Activity definition? What happens if I select both?

When Activity is activated (automatically or manually by calling activate API method) it is assigned to User that is returned by PushApplication. If there is no PushApplication then Activity is assigned to selected Roles. If you choose both, then only PushApplication is used.

What are AutoStart and AutoFinish in Activity definition

AutoStart and AutoFinish are start mode and finish mode as described here: For example if AutoStart is not checked, then to start Activity it is necessary to call activate API function on it. If AutoStart is checked, then it is automatically activated as soon as previous activities are finished (depending on guard condition: xor, and)

How should I define a transition condition ?

transitions have a condition attribute: it is a python expression that returns a boolean. the variables that can be used in the boolean expression are instance and workitem. examples:

  • OK: the user has pushed the OK button
  • instance.condition == "OK": the user has pushed the OK button
  • workitem.time_out(delay=5, unit='days'): the task is waiting for 5 days or more (NYI but soon)
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