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    11= Django's bug tracker and wiki =
    3 == How to report a bug ==
     3Django is an open source project, run by volunteers - people just like you! We need your help to make Django as good as it can possibly be.
    5 '''You must [/login log in with a GitHub account] before you can [/newticket file a ticket].'''
     5Django is available under the [ BSD license]. The source code repository is stored on [ Github].
    7 Please read our documentation on [ reporting bugs and requesting features] first.
     7== Getting involved ==
    9 == How to contribute ==
     9'''Much of Django's infrastructure is hosted on Github, or uses a Github login. To log a ticket, or add content to this wiki, you'll need to [/login log in with a GitHub account].'''
    11 The documentation contains a [ contributing guide] that should answer your questions. If it doesn't, file a bug!
     11Once you've logged in with your Github account, please read [ our contibution guide].  This document describes how the Django community works, and the various ways you can contribute. If this document doesn't answer your questions, please [ file a bug]!
     13If you've read that document, and are looking for a way to contribute, why not try one of the following:
     15 * [ Tickets]: View active tickets, make bug reports and contribute feature requests. **If your bug report is a security issue, DO NOT report it with a ticket. Please read our [ guide to reporting security issues]**.
     16 * [wiki:LittleEasyImprovements Little, easy improvements]: Get your feet wet by taking on one of these small tasks.
     17 * [!closed&easy=1 "Easy Pickings" Tickets]: Work on simple tickets to get familiar with Django's code base and the contribution process.
     18 * DjangoDesign: Are you a designer rather than a coder? We still want your input. Let us know how we can improve on Django's visual/UX design.
     20== Django release process ==
     22The current branch under active development is **[ Django 1.8]**. There is a [wiki:Version1.8Roadmap roadmap document] describing the process and timelines for this release.
     24The current branch being prepared for release is **[ Django 1.7]**. There is a [wiki:Version1.7Roadmap roadmap document] describing the process and timelines for this release.
     26The current stable Django branch is **[ Django 1.6]**. This release will receive security updates, plus fixes for some major bugs that are found in new development.
     28The current supported security branch is **[ Django 1.5]**. This release will only receive security updates.
     30The current Long Term Support (LTS) branch of Django is **[ Django 1.4]**. This release will only receive security updates.
     32== More Django resources ==
     34See the [wiki:DjangoResources Django resources page] for a cornucopia of unofficial articles, code samples and other information contributed by the community.
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