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Removed Unicode and Oracle branches from list of active branches (they've been merged already)


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    2222 * [wiki:NewformsAdminBranch newforms-admin]: A refactoring of Django's admin site to use the [ newforms library] rather than automatic manipulators, allowing for additional customization of admin-site functionality.
    23  * [wiki:UnicodeBranch]: An effort to make Django's internals use Unicode objects throughout.
    2423 * [wiki:ModelInheritance]: Write-up discussing how inheritance/subclassing of models should work. Currently this is not implemented in the development version of Django, so if you need model subclassing stick to one of the older stable releases or use workarounds like one-to-one relationships.
    2524 * [wiki:SchemaEvolution]: This is a new feature, under development as a project for the 2006 Summer of Code.
    3029 * [wiki:GeoDjango]: A branch for building GIS-enabled web applications.  Includes geometry-related fields and an interface for using Django's ORM with a spatial database (currently only PostGIS).
    3130 * Generic relations: a "generic foreign key" feature is currently under development, but not yet completed. There is no support for it yet in the admin application, and it is probably unwise to attempt to use it in a production application.
    32  * [wiki:OracleBranch]: A branch to bring Oracle database support up to par with other backends.  It's nearly complete--please help us test!
    3432We are discouraging the creation of new branches inside the Django repository in the future; if you'd like to work on a major new contribution to Django, we encourage you to set up a new "branch" elsewhere and let the Django-developers mailing list know about it.  One easy way to do this is via [ Mercurial], a distributed version control system; Tom Tobin has set up a Mercurial repository mirroring Django's trunk at [].
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