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The meeting is now in the past.

Django 1.0 Release Party in Helsinki, Finland

on Saturday, Sep 6 at 17:00

To celebrate the release of Django 1.0, some Django users in Finland met face-to-face on Saturday, September 6 at 5 p.m.

The Scred people kindly hosted the event at their office in Kaapelitehdas.

Discussion varied from generic chatter all the way to technical details of Django, Python, hosting providers, related tools etc. It was also expressed that this kind of meetings would be useful in the future as well, and Scred offered to host them.

One of the attendees told he can't access IRC through his employer's firewall – tips for overcoming that would be welcome on the wiki page.

At least the following people showed up (by IRC nick):

  • akaihola
  • Lynoure
  • af
  • Gfanrend
  • sumppi
  • part
  • hylje
  • haavikko

There were 14 or 15 people present, please add missing names on the list.

See for more Django users in Finland. Please join the channel for further discussion about Django with fellow djangonauts in Finland.

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