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Version 1.0 (?) feature list discussion

A place to vote on the features we're tossing around in this django-developers thread. Those who proposed features in the thread or those that explicitly agreed to them have already been added. Features that are done or nearly done have been removed.

Please add your name and vote in the Apache-style (+1/+0/-0/-1). These votes are obviously not really binding in anyway; just a way to keep track of where we all stand on whether these features should be included in Django 1.0.

(Don't vote on weather or not you *want* the feature; just on weather it's should be included in a 1.0 release).

Feature Votes
Transactions Adrian: +1, Robert: +1, Jacob +0, Petar Marić: +1, hugo +1
New-admin branch. Jacob: +1, Adrian: +1, Petar Marić: +1, hugo +1
Screencasts Adrian: +1, Jacob +0, Eugene Lazutkin: +1, hugo +1
"OR" query support Jacob: +0, Petar Marić: +1
Clarify/cleanup middleware API Jacob: +1, Petar Marić: +1, huggo +1
Fix core=True Jacob: +1, Adrian: +1, Robert: +1, Petar Marić: +1
Comments framework docs Jacob: +1, Adrian: +1, Petar Marić: +1
Admin-site documentation Adrian: +1, Jacob: +0
Finish tutorial Adrian: +1, Jacob +0, Petar Marić: +0, hugo +1
How to contribute to Django doc Jacob: +1, Adrian: +1
Using third-party template systems Jacob: +1, Adrian: +1
Django-AJAX support Jacob: -0
Multi-threaded MySQL support Eugene Lazutkin: +1, Jacob: +0, Petar Marić: +1
Get rid of magic model methods Robert: +1, Jacob: -1
New authorisation system Robert: +1, Jacob -0
Clean up / fix subclassing Robert: +1, Jacob: +0, Petar Marić: +0
Schema evolution Robert: +1, Jacob: -0
Make admin history log into new app Robert: +1
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