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     5Django 1.7 Roadmap
     8This document details the schedule and roadmap towards Django 1.7.
     10What will be in Django 1.7?
     13Whatever gets committed by January 20th!
     15Django 1.7 will be a fully time-based release; any features completed and checked in by the feature freeze deadline (January 20th) will be included. Any that miss the deadline won't.
     16The Django core team has a couple of major features we'd like to merge:
     18* Migrations (Andrew Godwin)
     19* GSoC composite fields (Michal Petrucha and Andrew Godwin)
     20* GSoC validation refactor (Chris Medrela and Russell Keith-Magee)
     22Minor features and bug fixes will be committed as they are completed. If you have submitted a patch, be sure the flags on the Trac ticket are correct such that it appears in the "Patches needing review" filter of the `Django Development Dashboard <>`_. Better yet, find someone to review your patch and mark the ticket as "Ready for checkin".
     27Major milestones along the way to 1.7 are scheduled below. See `Process`_,
     28below, for more details. The dates are subject to change as necessary.
     30==================  ===========================================================
     31January 20, 2014    Django 1.7 alpha; major feature freeze.
     33March 6, 2014       Django 1.7 beta; complete feature freeze.
     35May 1, 2014         Django 1.7 RC 1; translation string freeze.
     37May 15, 2014        Django 1.7 final (or RC 2, if needed).
     38==================  ===========================================================
     43Any code not complete by feature freeze dates simply won't make it into 1.7.
     45Andrew Godwin, as the release manager, will be in charge of keeping the
     46schedule. He'll keep track of who's working on what issues so that bug reports
     47can be efficiently routed; he'll also nag developers who are in danger of missing deadlines. Marc Tamlyn will serve as a backup release manager.
     49Feature freeze / Alpha 1
     52All major features must be committed by the Alpha 1 deadline. Any
     53work not done by this point will be deferred or dropped.
     55Beta 1
     58Beta 1 marks the end of *any* feature work. Only bug fixes will be allowed in after this point.
     60RC 1
     63RC 1 will, Murphy willing, be a true release candidate: 1.7 final should be identical to RC 1. RC 1 also marks string freeze; translators will have two weeks to submit updated translations for inclusion in the final release.
     67Django 1.7 final will ship two weeks after the last RC. Hopefully we'll only need
     68a single RC, so, the final release will follow roughly a week after RC 1. If
     69blockers are found, another RC will be released instead.
     71How you can help
     74The only way we'll meet these deadlines is with a great deal of community effort.
     75To that end, here's how you can help:
     77* Read the `guide to contributing to Django <>`_ and the `guide to Django's
     78  release process <>`_.
     80  These guides explains how our process works. where to ask questions,
     81  etc. It'll save everyone time if we're all on the same page when it
     82  comes to process.
     84* Work on patches and `triage tickets <>`_.
     86* Attend a sprint (in person or in IRC).
     88* Test the release snapshots (alphas, betas) against your code and report
     89  bugs.
     91  We need *lots* of testers if we're to have a bug-free release. Download
     92  a snapshot or a git checkout and give it a try!
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