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Tutorial app selection

There are many goals in a tutorial - a sales pitch for the framework, a guide to salient points, an explanation of benefits/strengths, a starting point for best practices, and so on. And it serves at least 3 archetypical users - new to programming, new to webdev, and new to python/Django.

There was some discussion of replacing the Polls app with a Blog app, because 1) more people would clearly understand what a blog is and 2) the resulting code might be useful and used at the end of the tutorial. These motivations are good, but the existing app covers the following parts of django. If we intend to replace the app, we need to make sure it's useful towards the overall goals of the tutorial noted above. So which features do you think those are? Submit suggestions and/or upvote existing ones.

Features currently covered:

  • url dispatch
  • views/request/response objects
  • templates, rendering
  • startproject/startapp/project layout
  • model/fk/syncdb
  • admin
  • timezones
  • forms
  • csrf
  • generic views

Topic area: best practices

There is a what's next page linked from the 4th page of the tutorial, but it mostly talks about directions to head in the django docs. It would be nice to list some pointers for best practices.

Brainstorming whiteboards

Here are some pics of whiteboards we used for brainstorming areas for improvement:

(Reader, please transcribe these into text here if you have time; the images may die some day.)

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