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Discussion about Thumbnail Contribution for Django


The majority of applications that have images, probably use thumbnails in some capacity. There is no standard thumbnail capability in Django but there are a couple of different options out there that people have created. This page is an attempt to gather them in one place and discuss the best strategy for integrating one in Django.

The original thread discussing this issue is here - Google Discussion

Current Implementations

  • Nesh's thumbnail is probably the most robust - Nesh's Thumbnail
  • Here's a more simple filter from Django snippets - Simple filter
  • In Ticket #4115 you will find a patch with a contrib.thumbnails package - good documented; read the Google Discussion mentioned above for some thoughts about the implementation.

Design Considerations

Whichever solution is considered should have the following features:

  • Capability to define arbitrary thumbnail sizes in templates
  • Caching of the files to disk and possibly to memory

Some key questions:

  • Do we want to create a new field or just expand the existing image field?
  • What dependencies are we comfortable with?
    • Preference for limiting it to the Python Imaging Library only.

Other Notes

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