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Textmate Django theme added

Using TextMate with Django

TextMate is a popular text editor for OS X.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to define "snippets", abbreviations which can be expanded into larger blocks of text containing placeholders. TextMate organizes most of its features -- including snippets, macros, templates, and drag-and-drop behaviors -- into language-specific "bundles."

There's a Django bundle, though it's not among the ones included with the application; you have to fetch it from the repository. It handles both Django templates and Django Python code. The bundle's Python snippets are built for the magic-removal branch of Django.

The TextMate blog lists instructions here:

Note that the link to download the Django bundle in the blog entry is incorrect. The correct link is:

The Django-Python syntax in particular is a work in progress, and suggestions and contributions are welcome.

Textmate theme based on Django's website and trac color scheme

As a homage to Django and its website's pleasant color scheme I created a basic textmate theme.

I hope you enjoy as I do, green such a nice color. It's attached to this wiki page --Jannis

Syntax coloring examples

Stock HTML mode:

Django template mode:

Stock Python mode:

Django Python mode:

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