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03/18/2009 07:05:53 PM (11 years ago)
Malcolm Tredinnick

added big warning about writing a new db backend.


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    4545 * A serialization refactor. Hopefully allow serializers to be declared like ModelAdmins. Make serializers more useful for API type things (field to json dict key mapping, output of a function, etc.) For some ideas:
    4646 * A schema-less DB backend (e.g., CouchDB, Google App Engine) and move/refactor all hard-coded SQL (see #10109 for instance) to backends
     47    * Note from Malcolm Tredinnick: this is a '''huge''' project and unlikely to be possible during the SoC period, since it isn't about only adding a database backend, but refactoring lots of internals to make adding such a backend possible. If you are considering doing this, you will need to be familiar with the existing ORM and are recommended to start a discussion with idea on django-dev before SoC starts to see how feasible it is. Finding a small subset of this to do might be possible, but even the first refactoring/rewriting step is very large. Not for people just starting out with Django development.
    4748 * A [ Public-facing multiple database API].
    4849 * [ Denormalized model fields] (#8946)
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