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    2828Try to scope ideas/proposals to the 4-month timeline -- simply proposing to fix a ticket or two will probably result in your proposal being rejected in favor of a more ambitious one.  The SOC '''does not cover activities other than coding''', so certain ideas ("Write a more detailed tutorial" or "Create demonstration screencasts" or "Add a pony") are not suitable for inclusion here.
     30On the other side, though, be sure to be concrete in your proposal. We'll want to know what your goals are, and how you plan to accomplish them.
    3032In no particular order:
     34 * Build a public repository for reusable Django applications.  This probably includes:
     35   * a standard way of packaging Django apps for distribution
     36   * infrastructure for automatically downloading and installing packaged Django apps.
    3238 * Add optional object-level caching for objects in the cache backend
    3642   * Coherency could be maintained by invalidating/replacing the cached copy when an object is saved
    3743   * It should be possible to force the retrieval to pull the record from the database if the programmer knows it is necessary (DB-level coherency is required)
    38  * Finalize TextIndexingAbstractionLayer and get it merged into trunk
    39  * Finalize FullHistory and get it merged into trunk
    40  * Finalize SchemaEvolution and get it merged into trunk
    41  * Finalize RowLevelPermissions and get it merged into trunk
     45 * Create a set of generic RESTful API views (like wsgicollection).
     47 * Finalize one of the open branches: TextIndexingAbstractionLayer, FullHistory, SchemaEvolution, RowLevelPermissions.
     49 * Some idea from [ last year] that didn't get tried.
    4251 * Placeholder - add your ideas here.
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