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Google's Summer of Code 2006

Django (and the Lawrence Journal-World) is a sponsoring organization for the 2006 Google Summer of Code. (Read Google's page for more information on how the program works.)


If you're interesting in mentoring -- supervising a student in work on Django-related activities -- sign up over at Google and then add your name below:


Student applications open May 1st. Watch django-users for an announcement when the signups open.


Here are some suggestions for projects students may want to propose (lazyweb: please add to this list!). This isn't by any means the be-all and end-all of ideas; please feel free to submit proposals for things not on this list.

  • Take the example application from "Agile Web Development with Rails" and redo it in Django.
  • Write a tool that will convert a model into a DOT file format to create a graphical presentation of the models.

  • Implement ticket #115, Models CRUD via web service support.
  • Build a public repository for reusable Django applications.
  • Create Django packages for Linux (various), FreeBSD (There already is one www/py-django), OS X (Fink and Darwinports), etc.
  • Enhance editor/IDE support for Django Python and Django templates.
  • Smooth deployment for servers other than Apache/mod_python.
  • Add support for (sane) model updates involving ALTER TABLE.
  • File explorer for MEDIA_ROOT in the admin: browsing and making directories, uploading files...
  • ...

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