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Django testing sprint in Tel-Aviv, Israel, on August 17, 2008, 10:00 (UTC+03)

We'll be holding a Django testing sprint in Tel-Aviv University campus, Schreiber building, room 319, on Sunday, August 17, 2008. See map. If attendees are interested, we can also carry the sprint over to Monday.

This sprint will focus on testing the 1.0-rc release (see 1.0 roadmap). More details will be posted here and announced on django-dev as we get closer to the sprint.

What's a sprint? How do I participate?

See Sprints for information about how sprints work, how you can participate, etc.

Anybody, anywhere around the world, can participate and contribute. We'll be gathering in person in Tel-Aviv, but if you can't make it you can also participate through IRC. Knowing python really helps; here's a simple tutorial.

This sprint will examine the behavior of Django players to test if 1.0 release candidate is ready. We will focus on two types of users: first timers and experienced users. First timers can either show up or use IRC to get instant help from the experts.

Tasks for experienced Django users

  • Refactoring an existing project to 1.0 rc
  • Start a fresh project on top of 1.0 rc
  • Set up a day of work with a friend and help him as he learns django 1.0 rc

Community requirements

For the less experienced

  • We'll give Q&D introductions to Python, Web programming, etc, if beginners want any.
  • We'll study Django (critically, in-depth), mapping the territory, "using the source, Luke", experimenting, and telling the world about it all.
  • Gain experience in using lots and lots of tools while working...

And, of course, all must have fun. This is absolutely required.


Do come! And bring your geeky friends, too. T'will be a great opportunity to learn, discuss and code with some kick-ass Django and Python experts. (Well, at least one. ;o) And lots of fun!

If you plan to participate in the sprint, add your name to the roster below.


So that everyone knows who'll be there, please add your name below along with the day(s) you're interested in attending.

In Tel Aviv

  • Benny Daon (Sunday & Monday)
  • Meir Kriheli (Sunday, not sure about Monday)
  • Golan Derazon
  • Ilan (anytime, anywhere)
  • Ahik Man (Sunday)
  • Guy Arieli (Sunday)
  • Udi Bauman (Sunday, only from noon)


  • rimon from
  • eddiea from

("Supporting" how?)


  • Portable?
  • Snacks, caffeine, chocolate, et al
  • Camera
  • Hat and high spirits. (Hat's optional.)

(Note : If the server calls you "Spam" while trying to add your name to the list, go to settings (top right, next to "Login") and add your name and e-mail. Once you click save, you should be able to edit without a problem.)

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