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Updated page to reflect recent merge of nfa with trunk + removed fixed tickets from suggestions


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    7171 * Look for tickets needing documentation or needing improved documentation and try to complete them.
    73 == Areas requiring caution ==
    75 There may be areas in Django that are undergoing some fairly major change. Have care if you are wanting to work in the following areas.
    77 === Admin interface ===
    79 Joseph Kocherhans is leading the charge to finish the NewformsAdminBranch, which will replace the existing admin code. This branch will be merged into trunk within a couple of weeks (probably a week before the [ EuroPython2008 sprint]).
    81 Consequently, any tickets against the existing admin code that are not real showstoppers and having small impact are unlikely to be applied. We would rather develop the same patch against newforms-admin and fix the problem permanently over there.
    83 By all means, pick some admin tickets to work on. However, read the ticket and try to repeat the problem on newforms-admin. Then write a patch against that branch, rather than trunk.
    8573== Suggestions ==
    9381 * Any of the '''sprint specific''' goals and tickets: read the page dedicated to [ this specific sprint].
    9482 * !FormPreview [ and related tickets]
    95  * Sort out what's happening with limit_choices_to (#1891, #2445, #4046)
     83 * Sort out what's happening with limit_choices_to (#1891, #2445)
    9684 * #1028 Add more elements to the high-level RSS Framework.
    9785 * #2539 add unit tests and docs for `Custom tags and filters can be restricted by namespace`
    9886 * #4030 Review the suggested patch for enabling auto-translation of language names
    99  * #4305 Patch needs to be reviewed before checkin
    10087 * #4609 [confirm as bug] (Content type names are not translated in Recent Actions listing) exists on newforms-admin
    10188 * #4695 work out what's happening with xgettext skipping some translated strings in js. files
    10491 * #5415 Every SQL query should send a signal if possible
    10592 * #5591 i18n documentation: Incorrect statement about template variables in {% trans %}
    106  * #6009 UnicodeDecodeError when uploading file with non-english filename.
    10793 * #6039 Fix documentation about ATOM feeds
    10894 * #6047 db-api docs: invalid REGEX SQL equiv for SQLite
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