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    1313'''Work on whatever you like.'''
     15If you want some suggestions, there are some at the bottom of this page
    1517Our development process during the sprint will fundamentally be no different from standard Django development -- that is, contributors scratch their own itches, solve the problems they want to solve, and generally do what they want to do. The difference in the sprint, of course, is that a lot of people are going to be in more-or-less real-time contact, which makes it easier for ''more'' contributions to happen ''faster''. (Some sprinters will be in the same physical location and the IRC channel will be available for more rapid feedback.)
    7880If you come across a ticket that looks like a !QuerySet problem and has to do with SQL construction, add that keyword.
     82== Suggestions ==
     84So you've joined the sprint and don't know where to start? Try one of these tasks!
     86 * If you complete a task, edit this page and remove the task
     87 * If you make progress on a task and then leave it, edit this page leaving a note of what you've done.
     89do #5299 - `mod_python documentation issues`
     91review #208 - `Allow the strings the cycle tag uses to contain spaces.`
     93discuss then do #2750 - `ManyToManyField ignores 'default' option`
     95discuss then review #2983 - `ImageField not deleing previously attached file when updated`
     97discuss/review #3496 - `WSGI handler dies on a form containing only empty checkboxes`
     99discuss then do #3652 - `ChoiceField formfield for IntegerField and CharField`
     101review #3757 - `FormPreview throwing AttributeError?`
     103review #3724 - `Add Links for ImageField and FileField in`
     105review #3922 - `formfield_callback in form_for_model also changes refering model`
     107review #3895 - `archive_index should have template_object_name`
     109discuss limit_choices_to
     111  *
     112  *
     113  *
     114  * limit_choices_to admin related: (keeping in mind newforms-admin)
     115    * #29 - `Fix usability issue with limit_choices_to and "Add another" in admin`
     116    *
     118review #4076 - `Patch to Output Timezone in Date Fields for Atom Feeds`
     120do #4223 - `Document how to create tests for Django framework itself`
     122review #4091 - `Not able to get choices widget to auto selected="selected" on model_for_instance`
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