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Django sprint at EuroPython 2008

We'll be holding another Django sprint at EuroPython 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania. And at the same time worldwide through IRC. The sprint days are from thursday July 10th until saturday July 12th.

This sprint will be focussed on getting the newforms-admin branch ready to be merged into trunk (see: this thread on google groups). More details will be posted here and announced on django-dev as we get closer to the time of the sprint.

Update: The latest report is that newforms-admin will be merged into trunk about a week before the sprint (see: here) therefore the sprint will focus on fixing these tickets.

What is a sprint?

Basically, a Django sprint is an excuse for people to focus their undivided attention, for a set time frame, on improving Django. It's a focused, scheduled effort to fix bugs, add new features and improve documentation.

Anybody, anywhere around the world, can participate and contribute. (See the "How to contribute" section below for details.) Most contributors will be at their own homes/schools/workplaces, but a number of people will gather together in person for camaraderie, improved communication and the other benefits of face-to-face interaction.

If you've never contributed to Django before, this is the perfect chance for you to chip in.

How to contribute

It's easy: Pick something to work on and do it. All sorts of tasks are available, from hard-core hacking to improving documentation to fixing small bugs.

Volunteers looking to get an early start should take a look at the SprintIdeas page.

Preparing for the sprint

Here are a few easy things you can do ahead of time to make sure your time is spent effectively:


If you plan to participate in the sprint, please add your name below:

At EuroPython (Vilnius, 7/10 - 7/12, GMT+3)

  • Remco Wendt (all sprint days)
  • Jannis Leidel (all sprint days)
  • Andrew Durdin
  • Nicolas Lara
  • Ahik Man
  • Ville Säävuori
  • Honza Kral
  • Ondrej Kohout
  • Väinö Järvelä

At Yandex (Moscow, 7/12, GMT+4)

  • Ivan Sagalaev
  • Alex Bondarenko
  • Marat Radchenko


  • Alex Gaynor (GMT-6, Chicago, USA)
  • Brian Rosner (GMT-7, Denver, CO)
  • Yuri Baburov (GMT+6, Russia, Novosibirsk)
  • Mikhail Lukyanchenko (GMT +3, Russia, Rostov-on-Don)
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