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     1= Django sprint in the Washington DC Metro Area, August 1st =
     3We'll be holding a Django development sprint at <location TBD, but somewhere on the Red Line in the DC Metro Area> on August 1st from 9am to 5pm.
     5This sprint will be focused on Django 1.0 beta 1 (scheduled to be released August 5th). More details will be posted here and announced on django-dev as we get closer to the time of the sprint.
     7== Sponsorship ==
     9This sprint is sponsored by [ GeniusRocket].
     13<a href=""><img src="" width="250" alt="GeniusRocket" /></a>
     17== What's a sprint? How do I participate ==
     19See [wiki:Sprints] for information about how sprints work, how you can participate, etc.
     21Anybody, anywhere around the world, can participate and contribute. We'll be gathering in person in the DC Metro Area with the exact location TBD shortly, but if you can't make it you can also help out in IRC.
     23You can find all the gory details on the [wiki:Sprints] page.
     26== Attendees ==
     28If you plan to participate in the sprint, please add your name to the [#Roster roster] below. We have space for around 30 attendees, so if things fill up we might have to cap attendance.
     30If you're coming from out of town and need help with travel arangements, please contact ''ben -at- geniusrocket -dot- com''.
     33=== Getting there ===
     35The exact location is still being finalized, but the sprint will be held 'somewhere off the [ Red Line]'.
     37''TODO: post final location details'''
     40== Roster ==
     42So that everyone knows who'll be there, please add your name below.
     44=== In DC ===
     46  * Ben Slavin
     48=== Online ===
     50  * ''Your Name (Time Zone)''
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