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Django sprint in the uptown area of of Dallas, TX, Dec 12-13 2009

We'll be holding a Django development sprint at CoHabitat, 2517 Thomas Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201 (map) on December 12th and 13th, 2009.

We'll be there at 9am both days to open the doors. It's a tradition to go out for drinks after the sprinting winds down, perhaps around 4 or 5, but this may be earlier or later depending on the general momentum of the sprint.

This will be a general sprint focused on getting features ready for the 1.2 release. It doesn't require any previous experience and, if you don't have prior experience contributing to Django, it is the perfect opportunity to start.

The sprint is being hosted by Jeremy Dunck. If you have any questions, contact him at jdunck@….

What's a sprint? How do I participate?

See Sprints for information about how sprints work, how you can participate, etc.

Anybody, anywhere around the world, can participate and contribute. We'll be gathering in person at CoHabitat, but if you can't make it you can also help out in IRC.

You can find all the gory details on the Sprints page.


If you plan to participate on-site, please RSVP via Eventbrite so we get an idea of how much food to plan for.

Getting there

CoHabitat is located in uptown Dallas at 2517 Thomas St and is within walking distance of many restaurants, bars, and shops. From downtown, probably the easiest way to get there is north on Pearl, right on Thomas. CoHabitat is a honking old house on the left side as you go from Pearl. If you get to Boll St, you've gone too far.

You can park on most streets around the house, just watch for hydrants and corners.

Sleeping arrangements

If you're traveling to get here and need accommodations, mail the list and see if perhaps people are willing to split a room? People have been known to sleep at CoHab. If money is no object, the Ritz-Carlton is a mile or so away. ;-)


If you're interested in sponsoring this event, please add your name (or company name) to the list below with a note about what you plan to bring or purchase for the sprint (such as lunch, snacks, beer, or other beverages).

What to work on


  • Comment admin actions (Contrib-10).
  • Improved CSRF protection (Core-01).
  • The first half(ish) of merging multidb (GSoC-05)
  • QuerySet.exists() (ORM-10)
  • Email backends (Email-01)
  • Message Passing For Anonymous Users (Contrib-02)
  • Foundation for object permissions in auth backends (Contrib-08)


  • Serialization-01: Foreign keys in serializers.
  • Templates-05: Template caching.

Needs work

  • Core-05: Integrate logging with Django
  • GSoC-1: Merge admin-ui branch - jezdez, robhudson interested in collaborating
  • Performance!

Heuristics for finding a something to work on

  1. Find a feature or bug you think is interesting
  2. Try to help someone working on a feature
  3. Find accepted bugs that haven't been open long (generally easier to fix)
  4. Find bugs that have patches, but need improvement.
  5. Abandon all hope, ye brave, and find an old problem.

Basic patch guidelines

  • Needs to work in Python 2.4+
  • unified diff
  • Any feature needs documentation
  • Any patch needs tests
  • Don't forget other DBs/cache backends/etc.

Main points on 2.4

  • built-in set object
  • @decorator syntax
  • generator expressions

Dev env

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