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    2828 * In the documentation, cast the user messaging API in a vary narrow use; e.g., for administrator messages to specific users
    2929 * Phase out user messages entirely
     31=== Deprecation Plan ===
     33The thread on the mailing list seems to be leaning towards deprecating the old API rather than keeping it around in parallel with the new one.  If deprecating is the right answer, what follows is a rough plan of how that might play out.  Many details are still missing and the plan needs to be fleshed out further in the coming days/weeks.
     35 * '''Django 1.2'''
     36    * Introduce the proposed messaging app
     37    * Deprecate the existing API and mark it as such in the documentation.  Retain the same functionality.
     38    * contrib apps in Django still use the old API
     39 * '''Django 1.3'''
     40    * Update all contrib apps in Django to use the new API
     41    * Retain the same functionality in the old API, but raise a deprecation warning when it is used
     42 * '''Django 1.4'''
     43    * Remove the old API.  This includes the Message model and any methods in contrib.auth that use it (such as get_and_delete_messages).
     44    * Remove the old API from the documentation.
    3146== Existing 3rd Party Apps ==
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