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    2222 * Reusable apps don't know what 3rd party system to use and hence cannot rely on providing session feedback
     24== Integrating with the Existing API ==
     26It is not possible nor desirable to integrate with the existing API because it is tied directly to a related manager on the user model and cannot be extended to support the additional functionality in this proposal (without some ugly hacks).  There are several possible solutions to this conflict (we don't really need or want two messaging APIs in the core); feel free to add more:
     28 * In the documentation, case the user messaging API in a vary narrow use; e.g., administrator messages to specific users
     29 * Phase out user messages entirely
    2431== Existing 3rd Party Apps ==
    2533There are a number of good, pre-existing applications out there that support more robust functionality, so there is no need to re-implement a solution from scratch for inclusion in Django.  The existing solutions can be combined or modified to meet Django's needs.  This section is meant to evaluate some of the different session/cookie message/notification engines out there for potential inclusion in Django as a contrib app.  It is a work in progress so please contribute (your notification engine here) or other changes as you see fit.
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