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Added request for SCGI documentation.

Server arrangements

Because Django uses WSGI, it can run on any WSGI-compatible Web server. Here's how to run Django on various server arrangements.


See the official documentation.

Apache and FCGI

Flup (the FCGI wrapper used for this) has a little bug with python 2.3 that will make larger pages stall on access just before end. Make sure you use the newest svn checkout for the flup library, as the bug is fixed in there.

See Django, Apache and FCGI. Needs stuff from the lighttpd+FCGI documentation.

lighttpd (via FCGI)

See Hugo's excellent tutorials:

Also see ticket #152.


See ticket #172.


See the description in the trac-wiki for how to combine them. TooFPy is a pure-python webserver with focus on the creation of web services.


Documentation on using SCGI is welcome!

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