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    117117However, an even better approach showed up later (found due to Plone's caching mechanisms causing problems with the above -- it would occasionally call the script multiple times, which on POSTs is a very bad thing...) which is simply to use Apache as the primary frontend, and using mod_proxy to send some requests to the Plone app server running on another port, with other requests going to your Django site, however you wish to deploy it with Apache (I used mod_python, would be using mod_wsgi today). E.g. proxy /cms and /documents to Plone, with a catchall serving up your Django site. (Or vice-versa, if you desire -- it's all just Apache at this point.)
     119With this latter approach, I also had to create a simple Plone script, but this one was for the Django site to query Plone to ask about credentials, since I was using Plone for authentication. I.e. a simple Django middleware would look for the Plone auth cookie and send it onwards to the Plone script, which would use the username or token to check whether the credentials were accurate / the user had a currently live session. It would then return a boolean value and anything else the Django code needed to know (e.g. list of group memberships).
     121As with the even older code, this code is no longer around :(
    119123== CGI ==
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