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    326326You do raise a good point regarding concurrent development with branches. It's still not possible to get rid of communication -- when it comes time to do a branch merge, discussing database schema will be mandatory. However, the tool should allow for branch merges; why not store a branch name AND a version number for each schema revision? When planning for a branch merge, one can implement a "from branch 1 version 6 to branch 2 version 3" migration. Obviously, migration points will need to be well defined, but supporting branches at least allows for the possibility.
     328Another way to concurrent development -- migrations as distributed version control systems
     331One of the issues with data base migrations, one raised by the previous section and one which has often bitten users of Rails migrations, is that they don't scale with the number of users: while rails-like migrations are wonderful for single users or very small teams (up to 3 or so members), the point is soon reached when different programmers will create different migrations with the same version number, and hell ensues (manual merges/renames of some of the migrations etc...).
     333The main problem of Rails' migration scheme versioning is, in fact, that they took a Centralized VCS scheme and applied it to a Decentralized VCS situation. Version numbers / revision numbers come from the worlds of CVS, SVN and the like where a central authority (the repository/VCS server) has the role of handling these version / revision numbers out and is the only entity allowed to issue these numbers. This central entity thus forces synchronization and updates (forbids the creation of version n+2 if you were using a version <= n, prevents the creation of version n+1 from version n when version n+1 already exists, ...).
     335As any user of the migration tool can create a new migration without having to ask a central authority, two users can create the same migration, or different migrations with the same version number, and the tool breaks down where it's sorely needed.
     337Since the problem has already been solved, this should be handled by learning from the various decentralized VCS (darcs, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar) and introducing one of their patch-merging and diff-tracking strategies into the migration tool. Of course this wouldn't necessarily resolve all the issues of incompatible migrations, but conflicting ones could at least be tracked.
    328339Automatic interactive db introspection that generates migration scripts
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