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Please refer to ScaffoldScript? for previous information needed to understand this.

This script tries to do a few more, than this one I'm referring to. You should be interested in creating a form for every model on your app, and configure your urls file to have a default url mapping.

You have two scripts attached, the first one is called, it could be used alone to generate a default form for a model (-g form) or a default manipulator (-g manipulator).

The other is the main one, it's called (The name is not very original, and if someone finds a better name, please feel free to change it ;). This script creates a template for each of your models. For instance, if you have defined a Blog, with Articles and Comments, after executing this script you will have an article_form.html, comment_form.html and a with generic create/update/delete links for both articles and comments.

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