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    2222 * Adding row level permission editing to admin interface - Started. I have created an application that modifies row level permissions and will be adding this to the administration interface.
    2323 * Adding checking of row level permissions (so they actually do something)
     25== Proposal for Integrating into Administration Interface ==
     27=== Inline Editing ===
     29Using the admin interface a user can edit Row Level Permissions (RLP) within the edit screen of a specific instance of a model. It will only be shown if RLPs are enabled for the model.
     31The RLPs will be organized in a tabular form and using AJAX the user can add, delete or change RLPs related to the instance of the model. The page will also be set up to be backwards compatible incase the user is not able to use JavaScript.
     33I am undecided as to whether the RLP form should be shown on the add form or not. The first priority is integrating it into the change form and then determine if it is needed in the add form.
     35=== Editing ===
     37There will probably be no capability for editing RLPs like a normal object with an add, change, and list view in the administration interface. There are a few reasons:
     38 * The amount of RLPs could be quite high as there could possibly be one for every instance of a model. Editing this through the classic admin interface would be cumbersome.
     39 * Adding/Editing RLPs requires selecting the model, the instance of the model, the owner model and the instance of the owner model and the permissions related to the model. The form needed to do this would be quite elaborate and not very useful.
    2541== Using Row Level Permissions ==
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