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This page presents a list of useful queries into our ticket system. If you're looking to contribute to Django, whether you're a hardcore Python hacker or a complete newbie, below you'll find clear lists of what needs to be done. For people with skills in documentation, we've split out reports that include documentation-only tickets.

New contributors

Easy-pickings - how about contributing an easy patch to get started?

Experienced contributors

Any experienced member of the community is welcome to start work on these. Remember to consult our ticket triage policy, and also remember you can add more filters to these reports to select the components you have experience with.

Reviewing tickets

These new tickets need work to see:

  1. if reported bugs are really bugs or
  2. if suggested features are sensible features to be added

They may also need to have the component changed and other meta-data set.

Reviewing patches

These tickets have been accepted and have patches, but someone needs to review the patch for quality, checking docs and tests.

When done, either set to 'Ready for checkin' or the relevant flags regarding patch quality, docs and tests.

Implementing patches

These tickets are accepted but have no patches, or patches that are not up to scratch, or are missing docs or tests.

Once a patch is implemented, someone else will need to review it.

Core developers

High priority:

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