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     1= What is the point of the new-admin branch?  =
     3The admin system in trunk utilises a number of workarounds to get around limitations in the Django framework. Anybody wishing to duplicate some part of the admin functionality will also have to duplicate these workarounds.
     4Templates are generated at run time in a way which makes them hard to understand and reuse.
     5The aims of the new-admin branch are
     6 1. Remove the need for these workarounds, so that writing straight forward code can acheive the results that would be expected from the admin behaviour. This entails a fair number of changes to FormFields, Fields, and the meta system.
     7 2. Replace the runtime template generation system with a set of templates and template tags that acheive very nearly the same output as the current admin modulo whitespace. During this work, it became tedious to debug certain classes of template errors, and so debugging facilities were added to the template system.
     9So, although the branch is called new-admin, the benefit to the user comes mainly in the additional functionality available to ordinary views. Customisation of the admin is also easier. Backwards compatibilty should be preserved.
     11In future, it will also make changes to the admin functionality easier.
    113= New-admin changes =
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