Change History for MultipleAuthBackends

Version Date Author Comment
19 13 years Thomas Güttler Link to documentation (HTML) is better than a link to the source.
18 13 years Thomas Güttler remove outdated information, added link to LDAP Auth Backend
17 15 years jkocherhans updated status
16 15 years jkocherhans clarifications/comments on example LDAP stuff
15 15 years jkocherhans removed old proposal stuff and added pointers to the new branch and docs
14 15 years Chris Isbell
13 15 years Chris Isbell I got LDAP auth working using the multi-auth branch, which is nice. …
12 15 years jkocherhans clarifications about differences, and added back credential plugins …
11 15 years jkocherhans added clarification about sample code
10 15 years jkocherhans much much simpler
9 15 years Simon Willison Open ID link
8 15 years Simon Willison Open ID mentioned
7 15 years jkocherhans added something closer to concrete code
6 15 years Linicks zope3 links
5 15 years linicks@… clarify second sentance
4 15 years jkocherhans added response to Max Battcher's comments
3 15 years Max Battcher <me@…> Suggestions
2 15 years jkocherhans added note about non-model users/groups/permissions
1 15 years jkocherhans initial and very rough revision of multiple auth backends
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