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A Mindmap Cheat Sheet for the Generic Views API

I used this Mindmap to wrap my mind around Django's Generic Views as described in Adrian Holovaty's and Jacob Kaplan Moss's online The Django Book (chapter 9). Now I use it as a reference.

Prerequisites: Mindjet MindManager Viewer (free) for OSX or Windows.

As a teaser (for those who have never used a mindmap or without Mindmanager Viewer), I've attached a PDF snapshot of the cheatsheet largely collapsed. (See under "Attachments", below.) The snapshot shows the outline of Chapter 9 of The Django Book, with peeks at the APIs for "list_detail.object_list." and "date_based." without expanding into full detail. The actual mindmap is "live" with expandable branches, like a visual outline.

For the full "live" reference mindmap, download a free Mindmanager Viewer and use it to explore the mindmap, Djeneric Views (Django) (See under "Attachments", below.)


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