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Offers of translation

(plase add yourself if you wish to translate parts of Django to other languages)

  • German (de_DE): hugo <gb@…>, Paulus <krabbe@…>, lukas <lucky@…>
  • French (fr_FR): yeiazel <yeiazel@…>, asrenzo <laurent.rahuel@…>, pablo <pablo.pernot@…>, mikael <>
  • Czech (cs_CZ): translate@…
  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN): alang.yl@…, limodou@…,stan8688@…
  • Italian (it_IT): Carlo C8E Miron <carlo.miron@…>, Wilson Miner <djangoproject@…>, Paolo Dina <paolo@…>, Ludovico Magnocavallo <ludo@…>, Antonio Cavedoni <antonio@…>
  • Serbian (sr, sr_YU - cyrillic, sr@Latin, sr_YU@Latin - latin): Nebojša Đorđević <nesh@…>, Petar Marić <petar.maric@…>
  • Norwegian (no): Espen Grindhaug <espen@…>
  • Slovenian (sl): Jure Čuhalev <gandalf@…>, Gašper Žejn <zejn@…>
  • Russian (ru): Grigory Fateyev <greg at dial dot com dot ru>, Dmitry Sorokin <dimas at dial dot com dot ru>
  • Latvian (lv): Edgars Jēkabsons <edgars@…>
  • Spanish (es_ES): Ricardo Cárdenes <ricardo.cardenes@…>, Gustavo Picon <gpicon@…>, Jorge Gajon <jorge.gajon@…>
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR): Arthur Henrique Zapparoli <arthurzap@…>
  • Galician (gl): Afonso Fernández Nogueira <fonzzo.django@…>
  • Polish (pl): Marcin Kaszynski <marcink@…>
  • Swedish (sv): Robin Sonefors <ozamosi@…>
  • Danish (da): Morten Bagai <m@…>
  • Welsh (cy): Jason Davies <jason at jasondavies dot com>
  • Slovak (sk): Vladimir Labath <vlado at labath dot org>
  • Romanian (ro): Tiberiu Micu <tibimicu at gmx dot net>
  • Bengali (bn): Baishampayan Ghose <b.ghose at gnu dot org dot in>
  • Icelandic (is): Dagur Páll Ammendrup <dagurp at gmail dot com>
  • Japanese (ja): makoto tsuyuki <makoto at everes dot net>
  • Dutch (nl): Johan C. Stöver <johan at nilling dot nl>
  • Tranditional Chinese (zh_TW): Yung-Yu Chen <yyc@…>

How to Send Translations

The best way to send in translations - after registering oneself as translator above - is to create a ticket and to attach the new .po file to that ticket (please don't attach .po files to this page, use the ticket system!). Use "Translations" as the component when you file the ticket, so that it shows up in {13}.

Additionally it would be great if you join the Django I18N mailing list.


This shoud be a list of useful (and needed) software for translators to work on .po files.

Linux and other Unix Systems

  • required for and the gettext utilties. These should be availabe with your distribution. With Debian based distributions it is the gettext package.


  • required for and the gettext utilities. The cygwin installation looks most promising.
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