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See Also: InterNationalization, Ticket #65

Offers of translation

(plase add yourself if you wish to translate parts of Django to other languages)

  • German (de_DE): hugo <gb@…>, Paulus <krabbe@…>, lukas <lucky@…>
  • French (fr_FR): yeiazel <yeiazel@…>, asrenzo <laurent.rahuel@…>
  • Czech (cs_CZ): radek.svarz@…
  • Simple Chinese (zh_CN): alang.yl@…
  • Italian (it_IT): Carlo C8E Miron <carlo.miron@…>, Wilson Miner <djangoproject@…>, Paolo Dina <paolo@…>, Ludovico Magnocavallo <ludo@…>
  • Serbian (sr, sr_YU - cyrillic, sr@Latin, sr_YU@Latin - latin): Nebojša Đorđević <nesh@…>, Petar Marić <petar.maric@…>
  • Norwegian (nb): Espen Grindhaug <espen@…>
  • Slovenian (sl): Jure Čuhalev <gandalf@…>, Gašper Žejn <zejn@…>
  • Dutch (nl_NL): Ksenia Marasanova <ksenia@…>
  • Russian (ru): Ksenia Marasanova <ksenia@…>
  • Hebrew (he): Ksenia Marasanova <ksenia@…> (not my native language, so any other volunteers are welcome ;-)
  • Latvian (lv): Edgars Jēkabsons <edgars@…>
  • Spanish (es_ES): Ricardo Cárdenes <ricardo.cardenes@…>, Gustavo Picon <gpicon@…>
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR): Arthur Henrique Zapparoli <arthurzap@…>
  • Galician (gl): Afonso Fernández Nogueira <fonzzo.django@…>



Rosetta is the translation portal of (but not limited to) the Ubuntu project. Translators can work through-the-web or by downloading, editing and uploading the PO files. Zope 3 project has recently switched using this facility.

Template based localization

Since code and content do not get translated, only templates need translation. Therefore localizations could be done in a way that apache does them, with eg. template.html.en (or template.en.html) for English and every other locale in a similar way.

There's only one thing I am not sure about ... how is /admin/doc made?

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