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Offers of translation

(please add yourself if you wish to translate parts of Django to other languages, please keep the list in English alphabetical order)

  • Arabic (ar): Ahmad Alhashemi <ahmad dot alhashemi at gmail dot com>, Ossama Khayat <okhayat at yahoo dot com>
  • Basque (eu): Ibon Solana <ibonso@…>
  • Bengali (bn): Baishampayan Ghose <b.ghose at gnu dot org dot in>
  • Bosnian (bs): Filip Dupanović <kron@…>
  • Bulgarian (bg): Jordan Dimov <s3x3y1@…>
  • Catalan (ca): Marc Fargas <telenieko@…>, Marc Garcia <marc.garcia@…>, Marc Barranco <mbarranco@…>
  • Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN): alang.yl@…, limodou@…,stan8688@…, nick.nickcheng@…
  • Chinese, Traditional (zh_TW): Yung-Yu Chen <yyc@…>, dwight <>
  • Croatian (hr): Aljosa Mohorovic <aljosa.mohorovic@…>
  • Czech (cs_CZ): Tomáš Ehrlich <tomas.ehrlich@…>, translate@…
  • Danish (da): Finn Gruwier Larsen <finn@…>
  • Dutch (nl): Johan C. Stöver <johan at nilling dot nl>, Rudolph Froger <rudolph at froger dot eu>
  • Estonian (et): Erik Allik <eallik at gmail>, Ideelabor team <removethis-ideelabor at ideelabor-dot-ee>
  • Finnish (fi): Antti Kaihola <antti dot kaihola at linux dash aktivaattori dot org>, Ville Säävuori <ville at syneus dot fi>
  • French (fr_FR): yeiazel <yeiazel@…>, asrenzo <laurent.rahuel@…>, pablo <pablo.pernot@…>, mikael <>, gaël <>, Stéphane Raimbault <stephane DOT>
  • Galician (gl): Afonso Fernández Nogueira <fonzzo.django@…>
  • Georgian (ka): David Avsajanishvili <avsd05@…>
  • German (de_DE): hugo <gb@…>, Paulus <krabbe@…>, patrick <patrick@…>, Dirk Eschler <dirk.eschler@…>, Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>, Florian Sening <florian.sening@…>, Jannis Vajen <jvajen@…>
  • Greek (el): panos <panos.laganakos at gmail dot com>, orestis <orestis at orestis dot gr>, Dimitris Glezos <dimitris at glezos dot com>
  • Hebrew (he): Meir Kriheli <meir at mksoft dot co dot il>
  • Hungarian (hu): Károly Nagy <charlie at rendszergazda dot com>, Szilveszter Farkas <szilveszter dot farkas at gmail dot com>
  • Icelandic (is): Dagur Páll Ammendrup <dagurp at gmail dot com>
  • Indonesian (id): Ben Miller <ben.miller@…>, Romi Hardiyanto <romihardiyanto at gmail _dot_ com>
  • Italian (it_IT): Nicola Larosa <nico at tekNico dot net>, Carlo C8E Miron <carlo.miron AT>, Paolo Dina <paolo@…>, Ludovico Magnocavallo <ludo@…>, Antonio Cavedoni <antonio@…>, Marco Del Tongo <info@…>, Daniele Spinosa <picioslug@…>
  • Japanese (ja): makoto tsuyuki <mtsuyuki at gmail dot com>, Takashi Matsuo <matsuo.takashi at gmail dot com>
  • Kannada (kn): Pradeep Kishore Gowda <pradeep.gowda at gmail dot com>
  • Korean (ko): Hyun Mi Ae <happyhyun at gmail dot com>, Sung Jin Hong < at gmail dot com>, Spike^ekipS <spikeekips at gmail dot com>, Sangho <0x8606 AT gmail DOT com>
  • Latvian (lv): Edgars Jēkabsons <edgars@…>, Gatis Tomsons <gatis.tomsons@…>
  • Lithuanian (lt): Rapolas Kaselis <rapolas at google-oogle mail com>
  • Macedonian (mk): Georgi Stanojevski <glisha gmail com>
  • Malay (ms): Ben Miller <ben.miller@…>
  • Mongolian (mn): Natsagdorj Shagdar <natsag2000 at yahoo dot com>
  • Norwegian (no): Jon Lønne <jon at funkbit dot no>
  • Norwegian Nynorsk (nn): Håvard Grimelid <havard at grimelid dot com>
  • Persian (fa): Reza Mohammadi <reza@…>, Mahmoud Sahebi Afzal <cmorgh at gmail dot com>
  • Polish (pl): Marcin Kaszynski <marcink@…>
  • Portuguese (pt_BR): Mario Caseiro <mario.caseiro at>, Gabriel Sales de Oliveira <gabriel.sales at gmail dot com>, Kao Cardoso Félix <kcfelix [at] gmail [dot] com> Andre A Duarte <andre_sie at >, Guilherme Mesquita Gondim <semente at taurinus dot org>, Django Localization Portuguese Group <django-l10n-portuguese at>
  • Romanian (ro): Tiberiu Micu <tibimicu at gmx dot net>, Mihai Damian <yang_damian at yahoo dot com>
  • Russian (ru): Grigory Fateyev <greg at dial dot com dot ru>, Dmitry Sorokin <dimas at dial dot com dot ru>
  • Serbian (sr - cyrillic, sr_Latn - latin): Nebojša Đorđević <nesh@…>, Petar Marić <petar.maric@…>, Janoš Guljaš <janos@…>
  • Slovak (sk): František Malina <vizualbod@…>, Vladimir Labath <vlado at labath dot org>
  • Slovenian (sl): Jure Čuhalev <gandalf@…>, Gašper Žejn <zejn@…>
  • Spanish (Argentina) (es_AR): Ramiro Morales <cramm0 at gmail dot com>
  • Spanish (Spain) (es_ES): Marc Fargas <telenieko@…>, Marc Garcia <marc dot garcia at accopensys dot com>
  • Swedish (sv): Mikko Hellsing <mikko aino se>, Ludvig Ericson <ludvig.ericson|gmail com> (maintainer)
  • Tagalog (tl): Ben Miller <ben.miller@…>
  • Tamil (ta): R Hariram Aatreya <rha at au-kbc dot org>, Parthan SR <parth dot technofreak at gmail dot com>
  • Telugu(te): U.Chinna Obula Reddy <ucoreddy@…>
  • Urdu (ur) : Ahmed Sboor <ahmed.19@…>, Ben Miller <ben.miller@…>
  • Vietnamese (vi): Ben Miller <ben.miller@…>
  • Welsh (cy): Jason Davies <jason at jasondavies dot com>

How to Send Translations

The best way to send in translations - after registering oneself as translator above - is to create a ticket and to attach the new .po file to that ticket (please don't attach .po files to this page, use the ticket system!). Use "Translations" as the component when you file the ticket, so that it shows up in {13}.

Additionally it would be great if you join the Django I18N mailing list.

How to Update Translations

Assuming you have done a checkout of django in a folder called django_src and that's where the django, docs, examples, extras and other files are.

  1. Ensure that you are running the latest subversion checkout of the code - run "svn update" in your local django subversion copy.
  2. Change dir to django_src/django
  3. Run PYTHONPATH=../ bin/ makemessages -l <locale> and you get updated .po files
  4. Update any untranslated and fuzzy messages with your favorite translation tool. Anything that looks like "%s" or "%(something)s" has to be copied precisely and the 's' may be a 'd' or 'x' or 'i', possibly.
  5. Run compilemessages -l <locale> and ensure there are no errors.
  6. Change dir to django_src
  7. Do a svn diff django/conf/locale/ > django-i18n-<locale>.patch to create the diff file
  8. Upload the diff of .po files to Trac. (The complete new .po files are ok, but diff file would be better.)

It is best practice to just check every few weeks (once a month or so if you're really enthusiastic; less often if you're not) to see if there's been any big changes.

Prior to any release, Django maintainers will make an announcement. Prior to 1.0, we'll have a couple of weeks of string freeze in order to give people time to be 100% translated.


This should be a list of useful (and needed) software for translators to work on .po files.

Linux and other Unix Systems

  • required for makemessages and compilemessages commands: the gettext utilities. These should be available with your distribution. With Debian based distributions it is the gettext package.


  • translating: poEdit (supports fuzzy, plural, translation memory, UTF-8, compiles to .mo files - it includes native win32 GNU gettext binaries)

Mac OS X


  • VIM can work with .po files without trouble, there's a special plugin with helpers: po.vim which updates dates, and searches for strings.

Translations of the Django documentation

If for some reason you are not interested to translate Django interface, but instead you feel the desire to point your translation weapons against Django documentation (the content of '/docs'), you are invited to use the TranslateDocumentation wiki page to better organize your translation works together with other translators.

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