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Little, easy improvements

Here's a list of various improvements that we'd like to make to Django. Some are trivial, some are a bit more substantial, but all are easy enough to be a quick project for people who want to get involved with Django development.

To sign up, just edit this page and put your name (and, optionally, your e-mail address) next to the to-do item.


Unit tests for default template tagsEvery template tag (see django/core/ should have unit tests in tests/othertests/ Some are missing.Nick Efford, nick (at)
Document modelsmagic-removal now displays the models docstrings in the admin documentation pages. Models in django should have a nice docstring suitable for endusersakaiholaIn progress #1422, pointers to more docs needed
Quick Copy to pastebinCreate a one click link for users to send the "copy friendly errors" to with the input fields filled in with the traceback, ready for the user to hit "submit" William McVey, wam at wamber dot net just starting


Unit tests for default template filtersEvery template filter (see django/core/template/ should have unit tests in tests/othertests/ Most do not have tests.Luke Plant, L.Plant.98@…Done in [1811]
Copy-friendly traceback on error pagesThe debug error pages should provide an extra traceback solely for copying and pasting. The current traceback is really cool but doesn't lend itself to easy copy-and-paste for, say, the pastebin.Joao Paulo Farias, jpaulofarias at gmail dot com Done, see #1420
Terminal colors in django-adminThe utility would be friendlier and slicker if it used terminal colors.Scott Lees #1491
Tab-completion actions for would be much cooler if it would tab complete actions and models.paolo <paolo@…> Done (though still without models completion) #1240 j
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