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Removed and added a task

Little, easy improvements

Here's a list of selected improvements that we'd like to make to Django. The easiest fixes can be found via the "Easy" tickets link on

If you don't feel like writing Python, you can always help with patches needing documentation or, between coding and documenting, you can give a hand with the patches needing tests, or patches that need some other improvement.

Below are some more substantial changes that have been started but abandoned and could probably be finished without too much difficulty.

#21429Fixed #21429 -- Added builtin logging support to BaseCommand.
#11154Fixed #11154, #17904 -- Added creation of proxy model permissions
#10827Fixed #10827 -- Made create_permissions() clear the ContentType cache.
#25005Fixed #25005 - Made date and time fields with auto_now/auto_now_add use effective default
#18682Make the deletion of stale content types safer (patch on ticket needs updating + tests added)

Feel free to reach out to Tim Graham (timograham on #django-dev IRC) if you have any questions about these tasks.

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