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    11= Little, easy improvements =
    2 I didn't figure out github yet (where to leave a message)..
    4 Not to nit-pick, but
    5 Ref: DjangoBook 2.0:  It seems that each chapter (starting with chapter06) has a broken link at the bottom of the page.  To wit:
    6 the orange link "next page" within the text.
     3Here's a list of various improvements that we'd like to make to Django. Some are trivial, some are a bit more substantial, but all are easy enough to be a quick project for people who want to get involved with Django development. If you don't feel like a python coder you can always help with [query:status!=closed&needs_docs=1&order=priority patches needing documentation] or, between coding and documenting, you can give a hand with the [query:status!=closed&needs_tests=1&order=priority patches needing tests], or [query:status!=closed&needs_better_patch=1&order=priority patches that need some other improvement].
    8 For example, chapter06 has the link: "" but it should
    9 link to ""
     5As you see, there are lots of things you can do to improve Django and get you involved with it!
    11 I thought I'd drop a line since that's what I see on
     7To sign up, just edit this page and put your name (and, optionally, your e-mail address) next to the to-do item.
     8== Open ==
     11||Test one of the [wiki:DjangoBranches#ActiveBranches active branches]||Branches are large or experimental features that are not yet ready for general use.  If you see one you like, testing is a great way to help get it finished and included in Django.||||perennial||
     12||#1028||Add more elements to the high-level RSS Framework. Note that #3502 has time-to-live.|| || ||
     14* The [wiki:SprintIdeas#Suggestions SprintIdeas page] also has a list of interesting and easy fixes needed
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