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    1212||Test one of the [wiki:ActiveBranches active branches]||Branches are large or experimental features that are not yet ready for general use.  If you see one you like, testing is a great way to help get it finished and included in Django.||||perennial||
    1313||#2407||Test the CGI Handler|| ||Needs testing||
    14 ||#3902||Document installation process for Windows users||Nick Efford (nick at efford dot org)||Patch attached to #3902||
    15 ||#4919||?page=last for pagination, existing patch needs modification and docs||Nick Efford (nick at efford dot org)||Patch updated||
    1614||#3961||refactorise Luhn function in za-localflavor and add tests|| || ||
    1715||#4036||implement Malcolm's ideas in es-localflavor || || ||
    18 ||#3988||Canadian localflavor needs tests and possibly a regex tweak|| || ||
    1916||#4092||implement a "missing option" in localflavor widgets|| || ||
    2017||#528,#4940||Implement some form of automatic generation of PDFs from the docs for the website, as well as an easy way to generate HTML/PDF docs from the SVN checkout|| || ||
    2320||#4030||Enable auto-translation of language names|| || ||
    2421||#4094||databrowse calendars do not translate the month back to english resulting in an error|| || ||
    25 ||#4692||write up some documentation about the required database permissions|| || ||
    26 ||#4061||Document how to restrict access to databrowse, based on info in this ticket||Nick Efford (nick at efford dot org)||Patch attached to #4061||
    27 ||#3036||Fix some minor doctests errors|| || ||
    28 ||#5264||Work out which version of Flup Django likes best|| || ||
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