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    3232= Django questions =
    34 == Which version should I use, the 0.95.1 release or the Subversion checkout? == #WhichVersion
     34== Which version should I use, the 0.96 release or the Subversion checkout? == #WhichVersion
    36 The 0.95.1 release is the most well-tested. That said, many people run sites based on a Subversion checkout happily. If you '''do''' use a Subversion checkout, note that you don't need to run {{{}}} -- just make sure that the checkout is on your Python path.
     36The 0.96 release is well-tested and stable, and is best for production deployments. Tracking the development version of Django through a Subversion checkout can be nice if there's a new feature you really want, but does require you to pay more attention to what's going on in Django development -- if a backwards-incompatible change is introduced, you'll need to be watching the development timeline to notice it and change your code to suit, where sticking to official releases means that you get a list of any changes you need to make in the release notes.
    38 Django 0.96 will be released in the near future, and it will be recommended that production deployments stick to that release once it's out; there will be some backwards-incompatible changes in Django after 0.96, and the easiest migration plan is probably to run on 0.96 until that's done, then migrate your code all in one step.
     38There will be several backwards-incompatible changes before the next release of Django (for example, the workings of the admin app will be changing), so it's officially recommended that production deployments stick to the 0.96 release until the next release is ready.
    4040== Should I read the documentation on the website, or == #WhichDocs
    42 Start with the [ documentation] here. This is especially true if you're using 0.95.1, since the version the examples on are based on the development version of Django, which contains several features which were not present in the 0.95.1 release (but which will be present in the upcoming 0.96 release).
     42Start with the [ documentation] here, and then have a look at the book if you're interested; the documentation on includes the official tutorial, and a number of comprehensive references which aren't currently available in the book.
    4444== What does `'function' object has no attribute 'rindex'` mean? == #WeirdError1
    46 This error is a telltale sign that you're trying to follow with a version of Django that's too old. See previous question.
     46This error is a telltale sign that you're trying to use examples in the Django book with an older version of Django -- the book includes examples which rely on features introduced in Django 0.96.
    4848== How do I extend a model? I want to subclass django.contrib.auth.models.User. == #ModelSubclassing
    9898== I have created several users, but only the superuser is able to log into the admin == #OrdinaryUserCantLoginAdmin
    100 In .95 and prior releases, you cannot put a plain password when creating a new user in admin. You have to generate the password and put the hash. Or you have to do create_user in the shell. Or maybe you have not set the user as staff - a user without staff priveledges cannot login to admin.
     100In .95 and prior releases, you cannot put a plain password when creating a new user in admin -- the form expects a hashed password in the format which will be stored in the database. In Django 0.96 and later, this is not a problem.
     102Also, keep in mind that admin access requires the "is_active" and "is_staff" boxes to be checked for the user.
    102104== When will the next release be out? -or- When will X branch be done? == #AreWeThereYet
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