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    2626The 0.95.1 release is the most well-tested. That said, many people run sites based on a Subversion checkout happily. If you '''do''' use a Subversion checkout, note that you don't need to run {{{}}} -- just make sure that the checkout is on your Python path.
     28Django 0.96 will be released in the near future, and it will be recommended that production deployments stick to that release once it's out; there will be some backwards-incompatible changes in Django after 0.96, and the easiest migration plan is probably to run on 0.96 until that's done, then migrate your code all in one step.
    2830== Should I read the documentation on the website, or == #WhichDocs
    30 Start with the [ documentation] here. This is especially true if you're using 0.95.1, since the version that describes has some significant differences.
     32Start with the [ documentation] here. This is especially true if you're using 0.95.1, since the version the examples on are based on the development version of Django, which contains several features which were not present in the 0.95.1 release (but which will be present in the upcoming 0.96 release).
    3234== What does `'function' object has no attribute 'rindex'` mean? == #WeirdError1
    7880== How do I customise the admin interface so all logged-in users can use it without screwing up anything? == #AllUsersAdmin
    80 The admin interface is meant only for trusted users who actually administer the site. For all other users, roll your own pages outside the admin
     82The admin interface is designed for use by trusted site staff, not by any user -- if you don't trust a user with the level of access the admin application provides, you'll need to provide non-admin views for the actions you'd like to allow them to take.
    8284== How do I make extensive changes in the admin interface? == #ExtensiveChangesAdmin
    84 You dont. It is far easier to roll your own outside admin. Even if you do hack admin, there are going to be big changes there and your efforts will go waste
     86At the moment it's probably best not to; the admin app is fairly specialized and doesn't have a lot of places to customize behavior, so you'll usually end up writing less code by just rolling your own set of views. The newforms-admin branch, however, will significantly refactor the admin app to make customization much simpler.
    8688== When will the next release be out? -or- When will X branch be done? == #AreWeThereYet
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