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    95 '''TO BE CONTINUED'''
     95== 5. ! GoFlow advanced ==
     96'' 'Prerequisite:''' use goflow svn version as version 0.5 will not work with these tutorials. You can also download the [ v 0.51].
     98(tutorial draft; screenshots will be added later)
     99=== Application unit testing ===
     100We will simulate here coding an existing application of the demo ''Leave'':''hrform''.
     102  * Launch the local server of the demo ''leave'' (cf. INSTALL.TXT file)
     103  * Go to the admin console: [http://localhost:8000/leave/admin/]
     104  * Create a !LeaveRequest object: [http://localhost:8000/leave/admin/leave/leaverequest/add/]
     105    * This object will be used as a model when performing unit tests; inform the beginning and end dates, type of absence, the requester (admin), and the reason (ie "test")
     106  * On the applications panel: [http://localhost:8000/leave/admin/workflow/application/]
     107    * Click on the ''create unit test'' link in the ''hrform'' application row: this will create a process with a single activity that will run the application''hrform''.
     108    * Click on ''return''
     109    * Click  on the ''start test forums'' link in the ''hrform'' application row; then choose the content type ''leave request'' and click ''OK'': this will initiate as many workflow instances as !LeaveRequest instances created manually before (here, only one).
     110  * Come on the task list of th admin user: [http://localhost:8000/leave/mywork/]
     111    * There must be a task for an activity called ''test_activity'' in the workflow process ''test_hrform''
     112  * Click on the link ''activate'' then the panel corresponding to the implementation of the ''hrform'' application will be displayed
     114Here we have simulated test an application in a process workflow; it seems very little, but it is important to have in mind that the activities upstream in the process are not supposed to be coded. In the development of complex workflows, and in order to work in teams, each activity should be coded and tested independently of each other.
     116=== Application automation ===
     117We are going to replace an application that requires currently a human intervention by an automatic activity. We will work on the previous application ''hrform'' and replace it with the application''hr_auto'' which will execute the same treatment (in fact, this is a simplified version, because calculating the number of days worked between two dates is not trivial).
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