Change History for GeoDjangoDatabaseAPI

Version Date Author Comment
18 4 years anonymous
17 7 years jbronn More up-to-date and comprehensive docs now available at
16 7 years springmeyer Small grammatical changes in the geodjango wiki
15 7 years jbronn Updated with information on geodetic distance support; clarified …
14 7 years jbronn Added documentation about the extent method, added in r7028.
13 7 years jbronn Added note about lack of support for geodetic distances.
12 7 years jbronn typos
11 7 years jbronn Added the documentation for the Oracle relate lookup type (added in …
10 7 years jbronn added distance stub; updated queryset manager method usage.
9 7 years jbronn added stub about distance queries
8 7 years jbronn Added documentation for the gml, kml, transform, and union queryset methods
7 7 years jbronn clarified the examples
6 7 years tlp Added missing last part of sentence about geometry input
5 7 years jbronn Updated with Oracle & MySQL APIs, tried to clean up and give more examples.
4 7 years jbronn
3 8 years jbronn updated with info about deprecated extra instance methods
2 8 years jbronn updated with new extra instance keywords with API changes from r5448, …
1 8 years jbronn GeoDjango database api
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