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    44The [ GIS] branch intends to be a world-class geographic web framework.  Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to build GIS web applications and harness the power of spatially enabled data.
    6 ''News:'' The project has been [ accepted] to [ FOSS4G 2007], thanks for your support!
    8 If you're working on the '''Django Sprint 2007''', there's a list of [ GeoDjango-related priority tasks here].
     6''News:'' The project was [ presented] at [ FOSS4G 2007] on September 25, 2007. Thanks again for your support!
    108'''Note:''' The documentation has been re-factored into several pages.  See the table of contents on the right for a complete listing of topics. Other !GeoDjango pages include:
    4644     * The [source:django/branches/gis/django/contrib/gis/utils/ LayerMapping] class will import vector data from GDAL-supported data sources.  This is still 'beta', and requires installation of the [wiki:GeoDjango#GDAL GDAL library].
    4745   * As of r5657, "Lazy-Geometry" support was added (courtesy of Robert Coup's excellent patch in #4322) -- deprecating most of the  [wiki:GeoDjangoDatabaseAPI#ExtraInstanceMethods extra instance methods].
     46   * As of of r6497, the `GeoMixin` was completely deprecated.
    4948=== Phase 3 ===
    5049 * Support additional spatial databases, in the following order of priority.
     50   * Oracle Spatial (spatial support is included in Oracle's Express Edition)
    5151   * DB2
    5252     * When IBM DB2 Python DB-API adapter is available, work will commence on a spatial backend for DB2 [ Spatial Extender] add-on. ''See'' Antonio Cagiano, [ Python, Django and DB2 Status Update] blog posting. 
    53    * Oracle Spatial (but only if I (jbronn) have access to a valid license)
    5453   * MySQL
    5554     * MySQL is last because its spatial offerings are not compliant with either the OGC and SQL/MM specifications.  Specifically, all operations are limited to the bounding boxes of the geometries.
    106105from django.contrib.gis.db import models
    108 class District(models.Model, models.GeoMixin):
     107class District(models.Model):
    109108    name = models.CharField(maxlength=35)
    110109    num  = models.IntegerField()
    113112    objects = models.GeoManager()
    115 class School(models.Model, models.GeoMixin):
     114class School(models.Model):
    116115    name  = models.CharField(maxlength=35)
    117116    point = models.PointField()
    122 '''Notes''':  The {{{GeoMixin}}} class allows for [wiki:GeoDjangoDatabaseAPI#ExtraInstanceMethods extra instance methods].  By default, a GiST index will be created for the School {{{PointField}}}s fields.  This behavior can be turned off by using {{{models.PointField(index=False)}}}.
     121'''Notes''':  The {{{GeoMixin}}} syntax is no longer needed as of r6467.  By default, a GiST index will be created for the School {{{PointField}}}s fields.  This behavior can be turned off by using {{{models.PointField(index=False)}}}.
    124123=== Using syncdb ===
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