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06/28/2007 08:41:42 AM (11 years ago)

updated the status info with info on GDAL and LayerMapping


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    1616 * '''Pending'''
    1717   * Distance queries, calculations, and related utilities.
    18    * Utilities for importing vector and raster data (SHP files first) directly into Django models -- will be done with the forthcoming {{{LayerMapping}}} class.
    1918   * Add as much from the PostGIS API as possible.
    2019   * Support for a mapping framework (e.g. Google Maps/Earth, Yahoo Maps, MS Live, etc.)
    2322 * '''Complete'''
    2423   * PostGIS indexing capability.
    25    * As of r5008, added a GEOS wrapper object for geometry-enabled fields that call directly on GEOS routines (''e.g.'' {{{z.get_poly_geos().area}}}).  ''See'' [wiki:GeoDjangoDatabaseAPI#ExtraInstanceMethods Extra Instance Methods] section)
     24   * As of r5008, added a {{{ctypes}}} interface for [ GEOS] in [source:django/branches/gis/django/contrib/gis/gdal django.contrib.gis.geos].
     25     * {{{GEOSGeometry}}}: Wraps [ GEOS geometries], may be accessed with an [wiki:GeoDjangoDatabaseAPI#ExtraInstanceMethods extra instance method] (''e.g.'', {{{z.get_poly_geos()}}}).
     26   * As of r5397, added a {{{ctypes}}} interface for [ GDAL/OGR] in [source:django/branches/gis/django/contrib/gis/gdal django.contrib.gis.gdal]. 
     27     * {{{OGRGeometry}}}: Wraps [ OGR geometries], may be accessed with an extra instance method (''e.g.'', {{{z.get_poly_ogr()}}}).
     28     * {{{SpatialReference}}}: Wraps [ OGR Spatial Reference] objects, may be used to transform OGR geometries.
     29     * {{{DataSource}}}: Wraps [ OGR Data Source] objects, may be used to explore GDAL-supported data sources
     30   * As of r5529, there are utilities for importing vector data (''e.g.'', SHP files) directly into GeoDjango models. 
     31     * The [source:django/branches/gis/django/contrib/gis/utils/ LayerMapping] class will import vector data from GDAL-supported data sources.  This is still 'beta', and requires installation of the [wiki:GeoDjango#GDAL GDAL library].
    2733== Phase 3 ==
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