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Updated with information related to geodetic distance support; added news item about availability of IRC channel.


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     7 * An IRC channel is available for discussion on all things !GeoDjango -- join #geodjango on freenode.
    78 * !GeoDjango will be featured in a [ presentation] and [ tutorial session] at [ O'Reilly's Where 2.0 Conference], May 12-14, 2008 in Burlingame, California.
    89 * The project was [ presented] at [ FOSS4G 2007] on September 25, 2007. Thanks again for your support!
    2526=== Pending Features ===
    2627The following is a discussion of features we hope to implement in !GeoDjango.  Unless stated otherwise, features in this list are not prioritized.  If you have a pet feature you may accelerate its development by submitting code yourself.
    27  * Distance Queries
    28    * Aggregate distance function and distance lookup types added as of r6886.
    29    * Improve support for non-projected coordinate systems.
    3028 * Support for a mapping framework (''e.g.'', Open Layers, Google Maps/Earth, Yahoo Maps, MS Live, etc.)
    3129   * Admin fields and forms (WKT field currently as of r4884, but we want widgets to view and manipulate geographic objects).
    32    * Progress has been made on this front by multiple parties; we are currently waiting for `newforms-admin` to merge before fully committing to a strategy.
     30   * Progress has been made on this front by multiple parties; we are currently utilizing `newforms-admin`, but are waiting for it to merge before committing any code.
    3331 * WMS views.
    34  * Add as much from the PostGIS API as possible.
     32 * Additional features available in PostGIS API.
    3533 * Support additional spatial databases:
    3634   * Maybe DB2 and SQL Server 2008
    3836=== Milestones ===
    3937Significant !GeoDjango changesets are mentioned below:
     38 * r7104: Added support for distance queries on models using geodetic coordinate systems.
    4039 * r6886: Added support for distance queries.
    4140 * r6527: MySQL backend added.
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