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    11= Integrating Flickr With Django =
    3 Seeing as how flickr photostreams are the hot thing in blogs these days, I thought I might share one way of doing so that is robust. The following code will need a model that will hold various flickr bits of information that you'll use to build the URLs for your photos. The synchronize method synchronizes your flickr stream with your database, reducing unneeded
     3Seeing as how flickr photostreams are the hot thing in blogs these days, I figured I'd share one way of adding your public flickr photostream to your Django project. All that's needed is a model with four or five strings and a few functions to do the synchronization and URL building. The synchronization method only adds photos in your flickr stream that don't exist in your database. When it hits the first dupe in your chronological photostream, it stops. You can modify the synchronization method to allow two-way synchronization or more robust synchronization that doesn't stop when it hits the first flickr photo that already exists in your database.
    55Before we start, you'll need the following flickr information:
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