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Character encoding issues


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    55Please note that there is already a grouping of VersionOneFeatures.
     7== Character encoding issues ==
     9Several tickets are mentioned in this mailing list thread:
     10[ unicode issues in multiple tickets (#952, #1356, #3370) and thread about Euro sign in django-users]
     13 * #3370, #1356, #952, #3370
     15=== Comments made by Michael in the above mailing list thread ===
     17The problem that started the original thread in django-users was that
     18the MySQLdb backend thought it was using latin-1 encoding for the
     19connection and therefore could not encode '€', which is in iso-8859-15
     20but not in iso-8859-1 aka iso-latin-1. Ticket #2896 seems to explain how
     21this can happen.
     23In my opinion, each of the three tickets in the subject should solve
     24this issue, and none tries to cope with templates written in a different
     25encoding than settings.DEFAULT_ENCODING.
     27#952 allows to use a different encoding on the connection than
     28settings.DEFAULT_CHARSET. It does it for all backends.
     30#1365 sets connection.charset in the mysql backend to utf8. This makes
     31the MySQLdb use utf8 encoding, but it's hackish and has been reported
     32not to work in all environments.
     34#3370 opens the mysql backend connection with charset='utf8', which
     35seems a cleaner way to do the same as #1365. It also fixes the __repr__
     36of models (not sure if this is the best way, but this can be added to
     37any of the other patches)
     39My bottom line is that #952 has a different scope than the other two
     40tickets, and that #1365 should be closed as duplicate of #3370. #3370
     41and #952 can co-exist.
    743== Pagination ==
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