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     1= python-django.el =
     3'''Status: actively maintained.'''
     5'''Quick intro''':
     8Django project management package with the goodies you would
     9expect and then some.  The project buffer workings is pretty much
     10inspired by the good ol' `magit-status` buffer.
     14'''Note:''' This package relies heavily in fgallina's python.el
     15available in stock Emacs>=24.3 (or
     20'''File navigation:''' After opening a project, a directory tree
     21for each installed app, the STATIC_ROOT, the MEDIA_ROOT and each
     22TEMPLATE_DIRS is created.  Several commands are provided to work
     23with the current directory at point.
     25'''Etags building:''' Provides a simple wrapper to create etags
     26for current opened project.
     28'''Grep in project:''' Provides a simple way to grep relevant
     29project directories using `rgrep`.  You can override the use of
     30`rgrep` by tweaking the `python-django-cmd-grep-function`.
     32'''Quick jump:''' fast key bindings to jump to the settings
     33module, the project root, the current virtualenv and Django
     34official web docs are provided.
     36'''Management commands:''' You can run any management command
     37from the project buffer via `python-django-mgmt-run-command` or
     38via the quick management commands accesible from the Django menu.
     39Completion is provided for all arguments and you can cycle
     40through opened management command process buffers very easily.
     41Another cool feature is that comint processes are spiced up with
     42special processing, for instance if are using runserver and get a
     43breakpoint via pdb or ipdb the pdb-tracking provided by
     44`python-mode` will trigger or if you enter dbshell the proper
     45`sql-mode` will be used.
     47'''Quick management commands:''' This mode provides quick
     48management commands (management commands with sane defaults,
     49smart prompt completion and process extra processing) defined to
     50work with the most used Django built-in management commands like
     51syncdb, shell, runserver, test; several good ones from
     52django-extensions like shell_plus, clean_pyc; and south ones
     53like convert_to_south, migrate, schemamigration.  You can define
     54new quick commands via the `python-django-qmgmt-define` and
     55define ways to handle when it's finished by defining a callback
    158= Reading documentation =
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