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Documentation sprint, April 12 - 13, 2008

We're having a mini-sprint to refactor the documentation this weekend. If you want to help out, join us in #django-sprint.

Who's doing what

Please indicate what you're working on below so that we can easily keep track.

  • jacobkm -- hacking on the build system
  • cramm -- adding cross-ref targets at the top of documents still missing it.
  • jcd -- annotating ref/settings with targets.
  • knmurphy -- moving over topics/templates to ref/templates/builtins and annotating with templatetag/templatefilter directives
  • yml -- annotating ref/request-response
  • jezdez -- adding module specific markup and description units to contrib/*
  • knmurphy -- moving topics/middleware into ref/middleware
  • jacobkm -- refactoring faq/ to have correct links
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