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    1 == Documentation sprint, April 12 - 13, 2008 ==
     1= Documentation sprint, April 12 - 13, 2008 =
    33We're having a mini-sprint to refactor the documentation this weekend. If you want to help out, join us in #django-sprint.
    5 === Who's doing what ===
     5== TODO ==
     7Well, a lot. See [ the notes on contributing to the docsprint]. However, here are some specific things that can be done ''now'' (i.e. aren't dependent on other folks work:
     9 * Replace all images ({{{.. image::}}} and {{{.. figure::}}} directives) with local image files -- right now they use absolute URLs to Django's media server. Images should be put in in {{{_static}}} directory next to the document they're used in. For an example, see {{{internals/contributing.txt}}} and the associated {{{internals/_static}}} directory.
     10 * Add correct Sphinx markup to {{{intro/}}} directory.
     11 * Write {{{intro/install.txt}}}. It should be based on {{{topics/install}}}, but much much simpler -- geared towards folks just getting started. Python 2.5, sqlite should be the focus.
     12 * Finish applying {{{django-admin}}} and {{{django-admin-option}}} markup in {{{ref/django-admin.txt}}}.
     13 * ('''HUGE'''): break up model documentation (currently all in {{{topics/db/models}}} and {{{ref/models/querysets}}} into all the various outlined documents in {{{ref/models}}} and {{{topics/db}}}.
     14 * ('''QUITE LARGE'''): break up forms documentation from {{{topics/forms/index}}} into the outlined content in {{{topics/forms}}} and {{{ref/forms}}}.
     15 * Fix up generic views: adapt Chapter 9 of the Django Book (consider this TODO item my permission and license) into {{{topics/generic-views}}}; remove the intro material from {{{ref/generic-views}}} and just leave the overall reference.
     16 * Add [ glossary] directives for "important" terms. A very small starting list can be found [ in the contributing documentation], but there's many more candidates for glossary.
     17 * Start looking at the generated index (look in {{{_build/html/genindex.html}}} after running a build) and improving it by adding [ index directives] where appropriate.
     19If you choose to do any of these items, remove it from above and add your name/IRC handle below.
     21== Who's doing what ==
    723Please indicate what you're working on below so that we can easily keep track.
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