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Usability improvements for application handling

Suppose I have a project that contains 10 applications, each containing several models. Some of the apps are of primay importance, some are less important. Currently, there is no way to impose either ordering or hide app contents. This confuses users as it's hard to discern important bits from non-important ones.

Ticket #3591 proposes an app configuration directive, this proposal builds upon that.


The following should be possible to achieve with the app directive:

  • verbose application names: specified and implemented in #3591
  • ordering: app('mypkg.auth', 'myauth', 'My cool auth app', weight=1). Heavier items sink to the bottom and lighter ones raise to the top. Default is 0, negative weights can be used for pushing apps above those that don't specify weight.
  • collapsing: app('mypkg.auth', 'myauth', 'My cool auth app', style=('collapse',)). The style argument has similar behaviour to fieldsets styling in ModelAdmin.
  • descriptions: app('mypkg.auth', 'myauth', 'My cool auth app', description='The cool auth app helps you to foo and bar.',)). Similar to help_text in model fields.
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